Tuesday, April 29, 2014

So What Happened to Privacy?

The most frequent invasion of privacy in my opinion is the blending of open source code programs.  You know, the applications that ask for all of your contacts from other applications in order for you to join and use their software.  Then of course the most grievous infringement on personal privacy might prove to be the Obamacare legislation.  Within Obamacare is a hidden Indemnity Clause.  This clause states that anyone who signs up for Obamacare should not expect privacy (paraphrased). (House)

Unless we do something about the massive growth of government control while losing U.S. sovereignty, we in America are going to be under a very oppressive system of government.  I couldn’t believe a congressman being so stupid as to go on record saying that they don’t read bills before they sign them.

 “What good is reading the bill if it’s a thousand pages and you don’t have two days and two lawyers to find out what it means after you read the bill?” (Conyers)

Years ago, several members of my family myself included, held fairly high security clearances.  I was accustomed to hearing clicking sounds while using the telephone.  During those years I worked in the nuclear industry and always sensed someone watching me.  I remember neighbors telling me about people coming by their house asking questions about me.  I left the industry because of no statute of limitations against offenses committed in the industry.  I have felt for a long time that privacy in America is a thing of the past.  Someone is alway watching.  Surveillance equipment/technology in America is only going to increase along with the speed and growth of computer systems. 
The Patriot Act was put in place by Bush after 9/11 rewarding terrorist activity by placing further limitations on American privacy and civil liberties.  At the transition of the Bush, Obama administration I downloaded one of the Homeland Security Reports on right wing extremism (before it was scrubbed).  Some of you may remember the report.  It was the one that caused such an uproar that Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano had to step in and defend it.   In this report were guidelines for government’s stance on what type of individuals might be considered a threat to government.  Among the profiles considered as possible threats were:
  • Those who believe in a single cause
  • Returning War Veterans
  • Those who are anti-government
  • Those who believe in bible prophecy (scrubbed from later versions of the report)
I was watching Aaron Russo’s interview where he discussed being propositioned by the Rockefellers to join the World Council of Foreign Relations.  In his interview he mentioned that 9/11 was fraudulent and mainly designed to increase control and surveillance of the American people. (Jones)

With Behavioral Targeting, advertisers will now be able to capture likes, dislikes and buying trends along with subconscious motivators behind consumer decisions.  From a sales perspective I think that it would be great to receive prospects from a lead source gathering data from individuals who displayed interested in my service.  From a privacy issue perspective I think this is dangerous territory.

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