Friday, May 13, 2011

Court: No right to resist illegal cop entry into home
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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Obama's Cresdendo

If you have been following, it's interesting how the birth issue seemed to be like a deadly wound mentioned in the Book of Revelation.  Seemed like it was coming to a big head.  I wonder what type of deal was cut with Lt Col Lakin and why was he released shortly before the long form was released?  Yep!  This is what musicians call a cresendo.  A cresendo is a highpoint in the musical arrangement the sometimes signals a transition.  It is sometimes used before what's call the bridge.  Like music, the controlled exposure of the long form birth certificate immediately prior to the victory over Bin Laden does what it is supposed to do.

Why would the current system that is coming into being be concerned about those who are interested in bible prophecy?  Is it because they would noticed the reality show, jerry springer unhuman characteristics of those who celebrated the supposedly violent death of Bin Laden. 

Maybe he committed war crimes, maybe what happened to him was justified I know not.  What I do know is that wisdom does not dictate the celebration of the death of like species.  Rational thinking dictates some type of sorrow.  For a righteous man one would express righteous sorrow and for the unrighteous the sadness of one's inability to reach common ground with mankind.

The bible says that we should sorrow with those who are in sorrow.  So, I ask myself the question, "How are individuals behaving at this moment who actually lost love one's in 911?"  Are they the one's doing all the hooraying, yelling and screaming USA.  Or, are they still in a quiet place stunned by the futility of dependence on fleshly earthly existence.  The answer is, they are probably praying and walking humbly before God.  I don't know anyway to understand the pain and heartache that they must feel.  I'm sure most will aways mourn and for this reason I believe that this humility causes one to been in a much more heavenly minded state of mind.

In a way I understand the reason for the celebrating, yelling, screaming and unusual public display.  It looked as if some of the footage came from colleges close to the capitol.  I'm sure their classes were interupted by administraters favorable to the current administration.  Being sons of the system, they most quickly complied to the request for media exposure and were prompted like little applaud machines.  Think about it, it was fairly late when the story broke.  All the clapping and cheering caught on like wildfire with the use of social media.  It went from the baseball game to the colleges in record time as individuals texted, twittered and facebooked.  Is this a glimpse of the coming system and the blending of social awareness.

When 911 happened, scientist on the space station recorded specific electro magnetic changes in the earth's fields.  I wonder what the electro magnetic change was during the high point of this event.  I still say Keep Looking Up!  The best is yet to come.  Wait until the Euphrates dry up.